What is Abstrac?

Scientists are increasingly engaging in discussions using social networks such as Twitter. In fact, it is claimed that 1 in 40 scholars are active Twitterers. The public nature of these discussions is democratising science; a PhD student can easily engage with the world's most reputable scientists. But it also leads to an explosion in the amount of information. Further, Twitter conversations about science can be drowned out by those about current affairs, celebraties, or just funny pictures of cats.

Abstrac intends to distill down these conversations by focussing on what is frequently still the unit of scientific information; the paper. Abstrac aims to:

  • Identify the top scientists on Twitter, and bring the papers under discussion to you.
  • With a monthly subscription, we identify the papers being discussed by the people you follow, bringing you the latest papers of top relevance.
  • Present those papers in a beautiful interface, making your daily read a pleasure.
Abstrac is a free download, so why not give it a try?


How does Asbtrac know what links correspond to papers?

We attempt to find a doi, PubMed ID or ArXiv ID for a given link. If we can identify one, it goes into your stream.

Why did Abstrac miss a paper?

We can't guarantee to identify 100% of papers in a Twitter stream, by its nature this process is a heuristic. However, please send us any missing links you spot by email or by Twitter.

What is the stack?

The stack is a place to store papers you are interested in.

How do I stack?

With the menu available from a long press on an article tile, or the arrow in the top right on a paper view.

Why can't I stack a paper?

You need a Pro account to stack - the option for non-pro users to stack is a bug that will be fixed in the next update.

Can I send papers to my stack from a web browser?

This feature is coming soon!

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